Wabs Talk Student Reviews | Wabs Provides Very Friendly Environment | Shivam(CA Professional)

wabstalk reviews shivam

Telling about myself

I am Shivam Saxena CA Finalist and ex student of Wabs Talk Soft Skills Institute in Delhi.

I basically like 3 things about Wabs Talk

1. Enviornment
2. Procedure and Protocols/Rules
3. Competitons

Well if you talk about enviornment all the three faculties are awesome Mr. Reuben Singh is hack of amazing personality. So much you will learn from him as an entreprenuer so much you will learn from him and this enviornment is so eccentric it’s energetic because like next to your is insurance agent, someone is from medical science, someone if from CA, Engineering, a laywer, a politician, a future IAS aspirant.

They have particular agenda, they have monologue session, grammer session, GD session, presidential debate, interview techniques and they have sunday competition that keep you on different things.

Student Review | I am Superthankful to Wabs Talk to make me the person of my dreams

Hi guys,

My name is Gauri Chauhan I have joined Wabs Talk about an year back. Talking about my experience in Wabs Talk there was just incredible the way Reuben Sir trained us, motivated us, encouraged us and inspired us just beyond the what’s. Wabs Talk taught me how to become an artistic, dynamics, splendid, charismatic speaker. They have to glim my personality amazingly as a phenomenal speaker. SO, I am super super thankful and grateful to the entire team of the Wabs Talk. Who made me the person of my dreams!

Thank you so much Wabs Talk.

Wabs Talk Student Reviews | Megha Landed her Dream Job as ‘News Editor’ in ‘India Today’

wabstalk reviews megha

Megha took English, Public Speaking and Interview Training at Wabs Talk and Cleared her interview for the post of ‘News Editor’ in ‘India Today’! | Student Testimonial!

Hello everyone,

My name is Megha and I am here to talk about my experience in Wabs Talk.
Well my experience in Wabs Talk was just amazing and I think it is one the most innovative and creative soft skills training institute in delhi. So I highly recommend everyone who wants to develop their soft skills and to become a fluent speaker join Wabs Talk. Because here Reuben Sir and his team always come out with innovative and different and unique techniques to teach us and everyone out here is so helpfull and generous that you will learn everyday. The best thing about Wabs Talk is that nobody laughs at you and nobody mocks and nobody makes fun of you and this makes the Wabs Talk enviornment quiet calm, cool and friendly. So, I recommend everyone to who wants to develop their soft skills join Wabs Talk.

Amita Shares her Experience | Student Reviews | Best English & Public Speaking

Hello everyone,

I am Amita I am here to share my learning experience in Wabs Talk. Earlier I was very introvert type of person. I used to hesitate a lot and unable to speak in front of people and not even confident about myself about my ideas and also had a stage fear so basically facing lot of people and speaking in front of those people. I must say that it was my best decision to join Wabs Talk and it helped me a lot.